Regular Basic Manicure & Pedicure
Regular Pedicure


Spa Pedicure

Our spa pedicure includes nail trim, shaping, buffing and cuticle grooming. Callus remover will clear away the heel's dry skin. Your feet will be followed by hot towels and a polish of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure 1

Sweet citrus, Rose, Pearl glow, Milk & Honey. 

This includes spa pedicure: heat therapy, aromatherapy with no harmful chemicals or preservatives, environmentally safe and friendly formula products. We will pamper you with the extra massage. Also, different scented masks will rejuvenate and maintain your youthful elasticity. Finally, a hot towel wrap will hug your feet in warmth. The ultimate spa pedicure experience for relaxation using heat therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles.

Luxury Pedicure 2

Lavender, Green Tea, Jasmine, Cucumber.

This includes a luxury spa with Sea salt mask, Sugar scrub, Mud Masque and Massage Cream.

Hot Stones Luxury Pedicure

This includes luxury spa pedicure plus hot stone massage. The stones will redirect energy flow to an area of blockage to harmonize the body and mind at its deepest.

Pain Relieve Pedicure

Fee facial mask.

Japanese Cherry Blossom, Peony Orchid, Hawan Citrus, Melon Mango, Pearl, Tea Party. 

Happy feet start with the Pedi boom helps to relax, improve, circulation, detoxify and soothe your skin.


Pain Relieve Pedicure (Extra Healing Herbal)

Japanese Cherry Blossom, Peony Orchid, Hawaii Citrus, Melon Mango, Pearl, Tea Party. 

Including Herbal Neck Wrap, Herbal Glove, Herbal Booties which can promote muscle relaxation, reduce fever, swelling, sprain, bruises, and stings.

Gel Color

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Polish Change Hands
Polish Change Toes

Regular Powder

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Full Set

Pink & White

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Extra Service

Nail Polish Change
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